VVV Seniors - the oldest young people

Age does not matter...


VVV Dúdoló - a crystal clear source of folk music

In the appeal of folk music...


VVV Vokál - young people when they sing together...

VVV Vokál shows how cheerfulness, joy and love of life go hand in hand...


Veszprem City Choir - the Concert Choir

The choir was founded on the 25th September 1956, on the initiative of music loving amateur singers of Veszprém, with the mission of building bridges between composers and audience through the joy of re-creation and artistic interpretation.


4 Choirs - One Big Family

"Here, together with fellow musicians, we have to create for ourselves everything we need mentally and spiritually and make our world livable."

8200 Veszprém, Brusznyai u. 2. • (+36) 88 889 180 • info@vvve.hu